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Commercial/Business Insurance

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At Alliance Insurance of Colorado Springs, we offer a variety of solutions for your business. We understand business is the backbone of every community and we enjoy doing our part in order to help those businesses thrive.


With access to several carriers, we can shop all of your insurance needs to various carriers in order to find you the right coverage at the right price. Whatever coverage that may be.


General Liability is where any business starts when it comes to insurance. Usually, a general liability policy includes a wide range of coverages including property and bodily injury. But these coverages can be customized to fit your business growth plans and risk management strategies. 


Worker liability

Worker liability

Worker balances on log above city.

As soon as you have your first employee payrolled, workers compensation is required in Colorado. This can put a strain on small businesses, but that's where having a trusted agent comes in to help. We can help you grow your business with strategic coverages that will allow you to scale without getting bogged down with excessive costs.


There are a number of factors that determine your rates and therefore always opportunities to improve them.


We can work with you over time to lower your mod rates by

  • Implementing safety programs 

  • Changing or introducing deductibles

  • Other industry specific strategies


Welder working

Welder working

Worker welding beams in workplace

Other Policies We Provide:

  • Commercial Auto

  • Multi-Carrier Umbrellas/Packages

  • Equipment

  • Cyber

  • Professional Liability

  • Property


The Bottom Line is

We've Got You Covered.

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